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The Bible or the Holy Bible as it is commonly referred, was first assembled in A.D 400 by St. Jerome. Originally compiled in Latin, Bible’s manuscripts contains 39 books of Old Testament and 27 books of the New Testament. While the Old Testament was written in Jewish sacred scripture ‘Hebrew’ between 1200- 165 BC, the New Testament was composed by Christians in the first century A.D. It is undoubtedly the oldest book to exist. The first 39 books speak of the God's story of salvation. It talks about how God saves us from sins.

Reading the verses of the Holy Bible is a practice religiously followed by every devoted Christian. In this time and age, where life is stressful with the endless drudgeries, it has become increasingly difficult to find solace by opening up the Holy Book and read a few verses. This tool will generate random verses for you to find peace anytime of the day, week or month and feel closer to God. Though there is no particular reason to enchant the holy scripture or read the manuscript everyday, people across the globe find tranquility and positivity the Holy Book proffers. Here are a few upsides of going through a myriad verses everyday.

Get started

Our random bible verse generator is a library to thousands of thought provoking and soul drenching verses that extend hope, light, power and wisdom for a fulfilling day. Click on the Generate Random Bible Verse button above to obtain a new random verse and feel the light enter your soul and deepen your belief in the almighty.

Feel motivated, encouraged and guided by the Holy Bible that makes robust contributions to your life by displaying the teachings of John, Matt, Ida, Josh, Gal and the rest. Generate a verse now and embrace the tool to help you navigate through life with just a click. The Random Bible verse generator is truly a blessing in disguise.

Welcome the day with light

Click on the verse generator above to produce random verses from the Holy Book and have a wonderful start. Start your morning right with positivity and power to glide through the day. Whatever the day may hold, the right verses will keep you morally correct and nourish your soul throughout. Give everyday a new meaning by provoking your thoughts with a new verse and realize the virtuous path God laid for all of us.

Learn new Verses like a true devout with Bible Verse Generator

It is nearly impossible to remember over thousands of verses meant to enrich our souls and make us better humans. Generating random verses everyday or several times a day gives us a chance to keep learning ardently and enhancing our knowledge of uprightness and virtue. The verses long forgotten or the ones you never came across might surface randomly some day and brighten your week by showing you the route to integrity. The Bible verse generator is a brilliant way to appreciate the Holiness of the book anytime.

Put your command over the Bible to an honest test

Sit with your friends after the sunday church service and put their Bible knowledge to a test. Obtain a random verse from our generator and ask the passage to the verse from your friends and family. It is a fun way to hold a healthy competition and have a reality check on how close you are to the Holy Bible that preaches righteousness. Needless to say, you’ll learn more everyday and feel the hand of God over you in the years to come.

Strengthen your faith with knowledge and hope

Faith comes from hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. Go through the verses everyday conveniently on any device of your choice by clicking on our generator and trust in the path laid by God. Read through the verses to be cognizant of the word of Christ even on a busy day. Fellowship begins from knowledge and knowledge is power. Generate a new verse and stay connected to the power of almighty that disperses the ray of hope on all mankind.

Develop humility and be a better person

God teaches us to love fellow human beings regardless of merit. The more verses you read, the better human you will evolve to be. The number of verses you go through, you’ll realize that the essence of it is justice for the oppressed.  Many verses speak of how we should be humble in our conduct, serve mankind and show mercy to the ones who wandered. Saunter on that path God laid for mankind and add more meaningful miles to your journey.

Think of God before laying to rest

If the entire day has come to an end and you haven’t had a chance to open the Holy Book, simply click on our random verse generator to read new verses and end your evening constructively. Introspect your day and read on to fill your night with peace and serenity. Think of God before retiring for the day and be rewarded in ways best served with closeness to Jesus. Share the verses with your loved ones to bless them all. Contact us if you have any thoughts on how we could improve this tool and assist you better in your daily relationship with God and His nobility.

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