Orc Names


Welcome to the Free Orc Name Generator where you will get acquainted with tens of hundreds of Orc Names for absolutely no cost. The Lord of the Rings universe was one of the unparalleled experience and story ever to grace the readers and viewers. The races J.R.R Tolkien brought to life by his vivid imagination have no real comparison to match its summit of magnificence. Out of the many races Tolkien created, Orcs were the fantasy humanoid creatures quite similar to the Goblins. Orcs were characterized to be brutish, belligerent, abhorrent and disgusting with personality as well as outlook. Serving the stark contrast to the pure and refined Elven race, Orcs worked under the Evil Lord Sauron and lived in the fires of Mordor. If you’re contemplating naming a similar character in your online game or trying to word a book where the villainous species is similar to Goblins or Orcs, make use of our free Orc Name Generator and get immediate access to hundreds of such names whose consonants are elongated and sound like straight revulsion.

Appearance of Orcs

By appearance, Orcs looked filthy, dirty, ugly and repulsive. They had ape-like bodies, big in size and shape but could walk on the legs just like humans. The color of their skin was either from the dirty shades of green or brown. They were mostly used as an army by Mordor Lord, Sauron. They were depicted to be unclever and mostly were used as cannon fodder for the wars because of their violent characteristics. One look at an Orc would ring the word Monster in your head. Playing the part of Ogre in the Middle Earth, Orcs truly were the most despised race. Naming such a character or avatar can be extremely hard since such names are not similar to human names. The name has to emit disgust, evil and hatred to be fair to the personality. It is almost impossible to think about such names all by yourself. So, if you’re looking to name a demon in your upcoming movie, series, game or book, look no further. Our Free Orc Name Generator will produce such hellish names to give the right loathful personality to the character.

If you’re an avid fan of The Lord of the Rings mega universe, you definitely are familiar with Orcs. If naming your villainous online avatar is giving you a headache, we can solve it in less than a second. Simply click on our Orc Name Generator and choose a name you like. For more options, keep clicking until you find the perfect name that enlivens the devil you’re creating.

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