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The history of the word Dragonborn comes from their origin. Though they were brought to life by draconic Gods, often dragons eggs would hatch to an altogether different race as well. Acquiring the characteristics of dragons as well as humanoids, Dragonborn was an entirely unique race with well-defined eccentricities.

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Origin of Dragonborn

Post the catastrophic warfare between righteous and wicked dragons, the Gods of the era decided to put all the dragons to a deep sleep. The evil forces stole the eggs of good dragons that were asleep and used black magic to convert them into super fighters which were named as Draconians. They all had varied capabilities that were defined from the colour of the egg that they initially hatched from.

What are Dragonborn all about

Dragonborns are immune to the judgement of race based on their deeds. They make decisions as per their experience with the person and do not get influenced by the positive or negative sentiment the entire race may carry. One aspect of a true Dragonborn is their allegiance to honesty and honour. Good or evil doesn’t matter to them, they just try to steer clear of dishonorable acts. Dragonborns are known to be deferential to their foes as well, both in and out of battleground. Their honor lies in their conduct.

One significant attribute of the Dragonborn is their choice of clan. Clans are of utmost importance to them. They behave in the fashion that will not bring shame to their clan. They strive for excellence and do not take failure lightly. Instead, they go to extremes before giving up. Disgracing the clan would mean eviction and banishment for life. Every Dragonborn is au fait with its duties and fulfils it with pride and elan, adding more power to the clan’s reputation.

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