Khajiit Names


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If you’re a fan of Elder Scrolls game, you precisely know what a Khajiit is. It's one of the ten races on the game along with the human and beast races. These humanoid cats possess unmatchable stealth and agility and have a well-mastered skill to produce moon sugar that can, in turn, be converted to Skooma. Mostly nomadic by nature, they face trust issues with other races of the continent where they are often assumed as thieves but are still looked in high regard for their skills.

To start, just click on the button to generate random Khajiit names. You may click as much as you please to get an entire list to pick the right name from. The male and females have different names in the Khajiit realm.  

Since this race is akin to the Arabic accent, their names follow suit atypical to the Arabic culture. Some interesting Khajiit names are Rava, Zhar, Sanaz, Vahara, Yana and Zara. Much like other races, Khajiit also has a first name, last name and the titles that define them, for example, a title like Dar means Thief and Dra stands for wise. One interesting thing to note is that Khajiit doesn’t converse in the first person, but instead they use third-person sentences. A Khajiit named Zara would say “Zara will leave now” rather than conveying “I will leave now”. Simply click on our free Khajiit name generator and get abreast with a list of wonderful Khajiit names.

How to properly name a Khajiit

One thing to keep in mind when naming a Khajiit character is the usage of honorific. Honorifics suggest the status in life for a Khajiit. It is incorrect and downgrading to apply a wrong honorific for a Khajiit. The prefix used is usually separated by an apostrophe and rarely a hyphen. Moreover, the name following a prefix can start with a bold letter or small but the suffixes are not supposed to be bold, however, in certain cases, they can be. Plenty times the honorifics are gender specific which means males and females have different honorifics to denote them. The Khajiit names always have a prefix or a suffix and in a few cases, both to represent their personality or position in the society. The Khajiit who have both prefix and a suffix exhibit haughtiness and conceit.

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